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Poll: Majority of Israelis Oppose Retaliatory Strike on Iran if it Damages Security Alliances

A recent poll reveals that nearly three-quarters of Israelis are against a retaliatory strike on Iran if it would jeopardize Israel’s security alliances with its allies. Conducted by Hebrew University, the survey showed that 74% of respondents oppose such military action under these circumstances, while 26% support it regardless of the potential impact on international relationships.

This survey was carried out on April 14-15, using both internet and telephone methods, and included a representative sample of 1,466 Israeli adults, both Jewish and Arab. The margin of error was reported as 4.2 percentage points.

The poll’s findings come in the wake of Iran’s unprecedented direct assault, which involved firing over 300 missiles and drones at Israel. This attack, which saw a nearly flawless interception rate by a coordinated air defense involving Israeli, American, British, French, and Jordanian forces, resulted in minimal damage. However, a few missiles did penetrate the defenses, causing injuries including severe harm to a young girl.

Despite the urge from allies, particularly the US, to refrain from striking back directly at Iran, public opinion shows a strong preference for aligning Israel’s military actions with the interests of its allies to maintain robust security partnerships.

Moreover, more than half of the respondents (56%) believe that Israel should comply with the political and military demands of its allies to ensure a sustainable defense strategy over time. Additionally, 59% feel that recent US support during the Iranian attack obligates Israel to coordinate its future security measures with Washington.

These results reflect a cautious stance among the Israeli public toward military retaliation against Iran, amidst ongoing regional conflicts including the war in Gaza, hostilities along the Israeli-Lebanese border, and continuous threats from Iranian proxies.

The backdrop of this survey is a tense regional atmosphere, highlighted by the ongoing Gaza conflict which erupted on October 7 following a deadly attack by Hamas, leading to significant casualties and the abduction of hostages by the group. In response, Israel has been engaged in a military campaign to neutralize Hamas and rescue the hostages.

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