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Manitoba Introduces $300 Security Rebate Retroactive to September

Manitoba Justice Minister Matt Wiebe announced Monday that the $300 rebate for home and business security equipment, as detailed in the provincial budget, will be available retroactively from September 1. Applications for the rebate are set to open in June.

This rebate program is capped at $500,000, suggesting that if every applicant claims the full $300, fewer than 1,700 individuals or businesses will benefit from the scheme. The rebate is applicable to a variety of security enhancements including cameras, alarms, motion detectors, reinforced doors or windows, and anti-graffiti film. However, it does not cover ongoing costs like alarm system subscriptions or monthly fees.

The initiative limits claimants to one rebate per owner, regardless of the number of properties owned, although multiple qualifying purchases at a single property can collectively be rebated up to $300.

Wiebe shared these details from the home of Anamika Deb in Fort Richmond, a Winnipeg neighborhood close to the University of Manitoba. Deb’s decision to install a video doorbell came after an incident where vandals damaged her car, leaving her family feeling vulnerable and prompting the security upgrade. “It’ll help to make our community safer,” Deb commented, reflecting on the utility of the doorbell camera which allows her to monitor her home remotely.

Local business owner Ravi Ramberran of the Four Crowns Inn in North Winnipeg also voiced support for the rebate. Having experienced repeated break-ins at his restaurant, Ramberran highlighted the effectiveness of surveillance cameras in aiding police to identify and apprehend suspects. “You wouldn’t believe how many people get caught on camera, and then a month later, the police find them. It’s awesome,” he remarked.

Despite these endorsements, some believe the rebate doesn’t go far enough. Seorhin Yoo, a policy analyst for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, argued that the $300 amount is “a drop in the bucket” for many businesses facing significant security expenses. Yoo advocates for an increase in funding to cover both preventive measures and repairs following security breaches.

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