Today we are going to examine a Dahua auto-tracking PTZ DAHUA SD50225U-HNI. Our examination team gotten this Dahua PTZ from ICCTVZONE. This item was completed in 2017 and released in 2018. In 2022, why are we examining a item that is so old? We wished to see if a item introduced a couple of years earlier might still fulfill present use needs and also obtain a excellent price. First of all, this product is readily available at ICCTVZONE, a licensed supplier of Dahua, as well as is presently valued at $384. Compared to the PTZ tracking of Web brand names on, this specialist PTZ is very economical.

Please see our screenshots. You can additionally click on this photo to buy directly. Next off, let’s take a brief look at the product criteria of this PTZ
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SD50225U-HNI 2MP 25x Starlight PTZ Network Electronic Camera


1/2 .8″ 2Megapixel STARVIS ™ CMOS
> Effective 25x optical zoom
> H. 265 Encoding
> Starlight technology
> Max. 50/60fps@1080P
> Auto-tracking and IVS
> Support PoE+.
> IP67, IK10.

What we are most concerned regarding is the Auto-tracking feature of SD50225U-HNI.

This function manages the pan/tilt/zoom actions of the camera to immediately track an things in motion as well as to maintain it in the scene. The monitoring action can be caused by hand or automatically by specified policies. Once a regulation is triggered, the electronic camera can focus as well as track the specified target automatically.

PTZ tracking is an ingenious function that changes manually regulated DAHUA PTZ cameras into computerized tracking systems that keep an relocating item in emphasis and centered in the framework. It complies with the object where fixed cams would certainly shed the object when out of the repaired video cameras field of vision.

IVS and Auto-Tracking Capable PTZ – Version will end with an, “I” Example: SD52C225U-HNI.
Video Recommendations.
Step by Step Guidelines.

1. Login to your PTZ’s web interface.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 1.png

2. Click, “Setup”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 2.png

3. Click, “PTZ Settings” then, “Function”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 3.png

4. Click, “Preset” and use the arrows to position the camera in the desired position for your first preset, click, “Add” then click the save icon. Repeat for as many preset locations as you wish.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 4.png

5. Click, “Save”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 5.png

6. Click, “Event” then click, “Smart Plan”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 6.png

7. Click, “Add Plan” and select the preset you wish to establish with an IVS rule.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 7.png

8. Select, “IVS” for the corresponding presets, and click, “Save”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 8.png

9. Under, “Event” click, “IVS”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 9.png

10. Click the plus sign in the upper right to add the IVS rule.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 10.png

11. Select the rule type in the drop down menu.

SD50225U-HNI IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 11.png

12. Click, “Draw Rule” and, using left-click, draw the region you wish to establish for the IVS rule. To finish drawing the rule, right click.

SD50225U-HNI IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 12.png ->

13. Check the box next to, “Alarm Track”

SD50225U-HNI IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 14.png

14. Click, “Save”

After we have actually finished the setup of the auto-track feature, allow’s take a look at the certain efficiency of SD50225U-HNI.

SD50225U-HNI is furnished with 25x optical zoom, allow’s see what type of performance 25x optical will certainly have in actual use. See the video straight.

In all fairness, the SD50225U-HNI can accomplish such efficiency at a cost of less than $400, as well as the price/performance ratio is actually high. Also in 2022, it will not run out date. It is a good choice for home PTZ items. If you require an auto-tracking PTZ, the SD50225U-HNI is still a good choice.

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There are many different methods you can pick if you need to deal with SD50225U-HNI. SD50225U-HNI isn’t completely problem free, but those difficulties are generally surpassed with the right actions and method. Pay attention to the results of your work, if something doesn’t produce the results you desire, switch up your strategy. Today there’s almost too much information about this available and figuring out where to begin reading is difficult but SD50225U-HNI is a wonderful place to get your start.

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